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Rules of General Discipline
  1. Students are required to be orderly and quiet in the college.
  2. Spiting on the walls, floors, pillars or doors of the college is strictly prohibited.
  3. Students are forbidden from loitering in the corridors when they have no classes to attend. They may remain either in the library or in the common Room or in the Seminar Room.
  4. Students are strictly forbidden from handling the electrical switches or connections or spoiling the walls, black boards, pillars, floors and doors of the college in any manner.
  5. Misbehavior of students, at any time, with the students, teachers, employees and visitors to the campus will be severely dealth with.
  6. Students should not ride on the verandahs, corridors or the lawns of the lawns of the college.
  7. Scribbling, pasting placards and other papers and disfiguring college walls are strictly prohibited. Amy student disfiguring walls shall be punished.
  8. Students guilty of eve-teasing will be severely dealt with.
  9. Students should invariably stand in a queue-while waiting near the college counters for depositing their tution fee or for any other purpose.
  10. Inviting/meeting strangers or unauthorized personsinside the college campus without any valid reason or permission from the principal is prohibited.
  11. Students are forbidden from approaching any higher authority in any manner pertaining to the College or Hostel or any personal grievances except on a written representation through the Principal who will forward it with his comments, if any.
  12. Every student, desirous of addressing the principal by letter must do so separately, joint applications are entirely prohibited and will not receive attention.
  13. No club or society shall be started or maintained without the approval of the Principal.
  14. No meeting or demonstration shall be held in the college without the permission of the principal.
  15. Meetings of social or academic character may be held with the previous permission of the Principal.
  16. Possession/use of drugs, alcohol or peddling of drugs in the campus/hostel is strictly forbidden.
  17. Inviting/meeting strangers or unauthorized persons inside the college campus without any valid reason or permission from the principal is prohibited.
  18. Any unruly behavior in buses/trains, blocking the traffic, traveling on foot boards of buses/trains or any kind of annoyance to the public will result in the immediate withdrawal of student travel concessions and if necessary with holding of scholarship.

Notice Board