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Madhusudan Integrated Law Students’ Association (MILSA)

Madhusudan Integrated Law Students’ Association (to be known as MILSA in short) is a General Body formed for dealing with Students Affairs in general and comprises of all the students of 5 Year Integrated B.A.,LL.B (Hons.) Course of Madhusudan Law College.

Every student of Integrated Law Course is to be considered as a member of MILSA, by virtue of admission into 5 Year Integrated B.A.,LL.B (Hons.) Course of Madhusudan Law College.

Students Council

I. Students Council (Council in short) is a unit of MILSA consisting of Societies and Committees formed by dedicated students of MILSA endeavouring for Students Welfare & College Development.

II. The Principal of MS Law College shall be the ex-officio President and the Co-ordinator of 5 Year Integrated B.A., LL.B (Hons.) Course shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Students Council.

III. The Students Council shall comprise of following Core-Societies and Core-Committees:-

  • Academic Society (abbreviated as AS)
  • Moot-Court Society (abbreviated as MCS)
  • Co-Curricular Society (abbreviated as CCS)
  • Extra-Curricular Society (abbreviated as ECS)
  • Executive Committee
  • Co-ordinating Committee

General Functions of Societies


Includes making arrangements for training, teaching, demonstrating & preparing students and equipping them with requisite skills so that they are able to participate and represent effectively in relevant activities, both within and outside the College.


Includes organising the relevant classes, competitions, activities and events, etc. in a systematic and organised manner at intra-College & inter-College level and submitting a report thereon.


Includes notifying the Students and concerned authorities about related activities, competitions, participation opportunities, event details and the like at intra-College and extra-College level.


Includes making suggestions or provisions, as may be required for selecting and preparing students or teams for representing the College at different platforms and forums in relevant activities.


Publicizing the activities and achievements of the Students, Faculties or other College Staff through felicitation, publication in notice-board, website, Facebook page, newspapers and other online and offline media.


Subject to any related provision that is/may be prescribed, the Society can also make its own by-laws and regulations and can exercise such other powers or carry out such other functions as may be necessary or incidental to its activities.

The various functions of the core- societies are;


Maintenance and Enhancement of Academic Standards of College & Scholarly Attitude of MILSA Students

Guest Lecture Series

Updates on Amendments & Judgements

Activities relating to Articles, Research Papers, Case-study, etc

Internship Opportunities and Career-Counselling

Legal Awareness and Legal Aid

Related activities like Doubt clearance, Assignments, Tests, etc

Aid in Academic & related Affairs of Integrated Law Course

Publication and Release of College Journals


Maintenance and Enhancement of Mooting Standards and Practical Legal-Skills of MILSA Students

Client Counselling

Drafting, Pleading, etc.




Related activities like Arbitration, Negotiation, etc.

Aid in Mooting & related Affairs of Integrated Law Course

State/National Level Moot-Court/Client Counselling or other related Mega Event


Maintenance and Enhancement of General Knowledge, Presentation and other skills necessary for Personality Development and Broad outlook of MILSA Students

Parliamentary Debate (PD) and Group- Discussion (GD)

Public Speaking Activities (Debate, Extempore, etc.) and Writing Activities (Essay, Reports, Précis, Translation.

Quiz (General Knowledge, Legal Knowledge & Current Affairs)


Related activities like Model United Nations (MUN), Turn-Coat, Creative Writing, etc

Observance of Important Days (Formal Part)

Aid in Co-Curricular & related Affairs of Integrated Law Course

State/National Level Paper-Presentation/Parliamentary Debate or other related Mega Event


Maintenance and Enhancement of Sportsmanship, Athletic & Artistic skills and Calibre Development of MILSA Students in the fields of Sports, Games & Cultural Activities

Cricket, Badminton and other Athletic activities

Indoor Games like Chess & Carom

Activities relating to Song, Dance and Musical Instruments

Dramatics, Mono-acting, Street Plays, etc.

Activities relating to Painting, Photography and Other activities involving Creativity or Artistic skills

Observance of Important Days (Cultural Part)

Aid in Extra- Curricular & related Affairs of Integrated Law Course, MS Law College

Annual Function (Cultural Part) and Madhusudan Premier League (MPL); or other related Mega Event

Cabinet Members of MILSA for the Academic Session 2015-2016

1. General Secretary – Mithilesh Mohanty (Contact No– +91 7064000389)

2. Associate General Secretary – Jeet Swarup Samal (Contact No. – +91 7077703497/ 8895599399)

3. Representative Executive Committee – Sachin Kumar Sahu (Contact No. – +91 9439502126)

4. Moot Court Society

Conevenor – Kalpataru Khuntia (Contact No.- +91 9776257087)

Co- Convenor – Lalit Kumar Moharana (Contact No.- +91 7504914976)

5. Academic Society

Convenor – Pragyan Prasanjita Sahoo (Contact No. +91 9439550670)

Co-Convenor – Afraaz Suhail (Contact No. +91 9040535655)

6. Co-Curricular Society

Convenor – Anish Ankur Mishra (Contact No.- +91 7205391925)

Co-Convenor – Rajanikant Dash (Contact No. +91 9777636146)

7. Extra Curricular Society

Convenor – Abinash Dash (Contact No. +91 8895205507)

Co-Convenor – Prince Patnaik (Contact No. +91 9439282090)

Email Id – [email protected]