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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Athletic Society

  1. The athletic society shall consist of all the members of the staff and the students with the principal as it’s ex-officio chairman.
  2. The principal shall nominate one member of the teaching staff as the Vice-Chairman of the Society, the physical training instructor shall be the associate vice-chairman of the society. Students will elect one athletic secretary from among themselves as per the college election rules. The association will carry on the following functions:
  3. Promotion of games and sports among the students.
  4. Organization of competitions among the students on various games and sports.
  5. To constitute, prepare and depute the college teams to participate in different athletic competitions conducted by various organizations.
  6. To prepare a budget within the fiancé available for carrying on the activities of the Society in each academic year.
  7. Organizing functions and to award prizes and medals to they students securing the best positions in different competitions. If in any academic year. Election to the students council is not held or is delayed beyond the month of January, the Athletic society shall conduct the Annual sports of the college in the month of February be a committee of students nominated by the principal.
  8. Advance for conduction the sports shall be taken by the athletic secretary and he shall submit the necessary vouchers to the principal immediately as soon as the athletic meet is over failing which he will not be permitted to fill up his forms for the examination.

Social Service Guild

  1. The aim and objectives of the guild is to render social service of any description by way of any community service and to engage itself in the following activities:
  2. The guild may open and encourage night schools, to grant stipend to the needy and desirable students of the college.
  3. To render help to the destitute and flood stricken people.
  4. To educate people on the matters of socio-economic and legal importance.
  5. To organize camps for voluntary services.
  6. All the students of the College shall be members of the Guild.
  7. The Principal shall be the Ex-Offcio Chairman of the Guild and control the funds of the guild
  8. There shall be an Executive Committee of the Guild consisting of the following member.
  9. Chairman – Principal Ex-Offcio.
  10. Vice – Chairman One of the teaching staff member shall be nominated by the Principal to act as the Vice- Chairman of the Guild
  11. Secretary – One student shall be elected as the Secretary of the Guild as per the Constitution of the Students Council
  12. Ordinary member: Four other students will be nominated by the Principal, one each from Preliminary Law, Inter-Law, Final-Law and LL.M. classes.
  13. Each student of the College shall contribute Rs. 5-00 PA towards the Guild Fund.
  14. Member of the Public may be requested by the college authorities to make donations to the Fund.

N.N.S. Unit

  1. The college has one NSS Unit. The objective of this unit this the development of personality of the students through community services. The same is achieved by the students to:
  2. Understand the community they serve.
  3. Understand themselves in relation to such communities.
  4. Identify the needs and promote such community to provide solution for the same.
  5. Develop the sense of social and civic responsibilities among the students.
  6. The principal shall nominate one of the teaching staff member to the programme Officer of the NSS unit of the college.
  7. The programme Officer shall select suitable students to be the NSS with financial support of the University.

Cultural Club

  1. There shall be a cultural Club to organize and arrange dramatic and cultural activities during the academic year.
  2. The club shall be headed by the principal as it’s chairman. The principal shall nominator one of the teaching staff members to act as the vice-chairman of the club.
  3. One of the students of the college shall be elected as the Secretary of the Club as per the Constitution of the students council.
  4. Four students, each from Pre-Law, inter-Law, final-Law and LL.M classes classes shall be nominated by the Principal to the Club to act as ordinary members.
  5. Each student shall contribute Rs.5/- (Rupees Five only) for the Cultural Club to carry out its functions and Rs.10/- (Rupees ten only) towards his membership of the Day Scholar Association (D.S.A).