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College Hostel


Name of the Hostel is: Madhusudan Law College Hostel. The Hostel is situated at Jobra and is housed in a building having 50 rooms on land of about 3 acres. The Hostel provides accommodation for 100 male students

The management and control of the hostel vests with the Principal of the college


There shall be a Superintendent to look after the day to day general administration of the Hostel and basing on the Worland, the Principal may appoint a Deputy Superintendent to assist the Superintendent in discharging his duties and the Deputy Superintendent shall perform all duties assigned to him by the Superintendent and shall act as the Superintendent in absence of the later.

There shall be a hotel committee consisting of the Principal, who shall be the Chairman, The Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent shall be custodian of the hostel property and the books of accounts.

The Principal shall appoint one of the non-teaching staff of the college to manage the ministerial work. The Superintendent may appoint and remove any temporary worker.

Power and functions of the Superintendent

  1. The Superintendent shall distribute the duties among the hostel workers and report to the Principal regarding any negligence in duty for appropriate action
  2. The hostel shall have its separate Account in any Nationalized Bank and non of it’s fund shall be utilized except for management development of the hostel. The Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent (In absence of the Superintendent) shall operate such accounts.
  3. The Superintendent may keep Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) as cash in hand to meet the emergency requirement of the hostel.
  4. The Superintendent shall have the power to enforce discipline among the boarders and shall report to the Principal all cases of indiscipline and violation of Hostel rules for appropriate action.
  5. The Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent if any, shall be entitled to get special allowances as prescribed by the University from time to time

Hostel Facilities

  1. Hostel provides accommodation for 100 students in 50 double bedded rooms, Seats distribution for student belonging to different classes shall be follows: Pre-Law 30, Inter-Law – 30, Final – Law – 30, L.L.M. -10
  2. There is a Reading Room for Boarder where various News papers, Journals and magazines are made available for reference by the students
  3. There is a common room with a colour Television and some indoor games facilities
  4. There is a Water=cooler with Aqua Guard to provide cool water to the boarders.
  5. There is a contract mess to provide meals to the boarders


Bonfide students of M.S.Law College desirous of becoming boarders in the hostel shall apply to the Principal in the prescribed form on payment of the prescribed fees only after notification is issued by the Principal to that effect. The form will be available from the College Counter during office hours within the specified date and time.

A merit list will be drawn up after scrutiny of the forms by the Hostel Committee on the basis of merit list prepared by the College for the admission into the Pre-Law Class. Further, there will be an interview to assess the suitability or otherwise of the candidate. The selected candidates will be required to pay the following fees:

  1. Hostel admission/readmission fees-Rs.50.00 P.A.
  2. Hostel Establishment charges- Rs.600.00 P.A.
  3. Development fees- Rs.150.00 P.A.
  4. Caution money (Refundable after deduction of damage cost, if any)- Rs.300.00 P.A.
  5. Hostel Identity card- Rs.5.00 P.A.
  6. Hostel seat rent- Rs.15.00 P.M.
  7. Electricity charges- Rs.50.00 P.M.
  8. Water charges- Rs.10.00 P.M. (The electricity and water charges are provisional and are likely to be changed.)

After admission the following mess fees shall be collected before functioning of the mess

  1. Mess Estt. Charges- Rs.300.00 P.A.
  2. Mess caution money (Refundable) Rs.300.00 P.A.
  3. Fooding charges – as per actual

Duty and Responsibly of the Boarder

  1. The boarders shall take proper care of the supplied furniture and fixtures and shall handover the same the time of leaving the Hostel. In case of breakages if any, the cost of the same would be deducted from their caution money.
  2. The boarders shall not break, disfigure, damage, sale or mishandle any hostel property.
  3. No boarder shall accommodate any outsider in his room.
  4. The boarders nearest family members or guardians may stay along with the concerned ward for a maximum period of 3days with prior permission of the superintendent of the hostel.
  5. The boarders shall not manipulate, tamper or modify any electrical and sanitary fittings inside the Hostel.
  6. Use of electric heater is strictly prohibited.
  7. The boarders who wish to go their native place during vacation, shall hand over the room keys to the care-taker and they shall not leave any valuables in their respective rooms except the beddings. In case of temporary absence from the hostel, the authority shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of his property.
  8. The boarder shall not organize any meeting, get together or any form of association without prior permission of the Superintendent.
  9. No boarder shall misbehave, or hurt any boarder or staff. Any complain, against any staff shall be addressed to the Superintendent in writing for redressal.
  10. Intoxication of any form is totally prohibited inside the hostel campus.
  11. The boarders shall not make noise of any form during study hours.
  12. Boarders shall not remain absent from the Hostel in the night with the prior permission of the supdt.
  13. It is the responsibility of every boarder to repot the sickness of any inmate to the supdt.
  14. Cooking/gambling inside any room in any form is strictly prohibited.
  15. Keeping sensitive inflammable materials and pets are absolutely prohibited.
  16. A consecutive absence of the boarder for more than 15 days from the hostel except during vacation shall be reported by the staff of the hostel to the supdt. of the hostel to take appropriate action.
  17. Any boarder who violates the rules of the Hostel shall be fined up to Rs1,000/- or his admission shall be cancelled.
  18. A continued absence of more than 3 days without permission will be reported to the parents/guardian of the boarders.
  19. No boarder should use the hostel room for any private tuition coaching of any form to any outside person.

The general time-table of the hostel shall be as follows

Morning study hours – 7.00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M.

College hours – As per Time-Table.

Recreation – 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

Visiting hour – 6.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M.

Evening Study Hour – 7.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.

Closing of the gate – 11.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

(This programme is subject to change as per the Principal’s notification.)